Merry Christmas and Such

Christmas is almost upon us! I can’t wait for tomorrow. And not just because of the usual reasons. In a fit of chaos I am trying to finish knitting The Little Lion’s Christmas present, which is not how I should be spending Christmas Eve, but, well, you all know I’m nuts. I am OFFICIALLY nuts.

Things got busy: getting ready for Christmas and for having The Little Sister and The Little Brother-in-law to stay, the chickens have been needy (more on that later) and The Little Fulla had to go to the doctor yesterday. Thus, the crazy knitting spree. Anyway, I am determined to get this knitted ‘thing’ done tonight. And then I will never have to knit it again! It is part of the reason we are having a quiet evening at home, The Husband and I, which is actually quite relaxing for me. Here I sit, drinking Christmas tea, listening to Christmas music and knitting a butt belonging to the ‘thing’. Rather than decorating this post with a butt, here is my somewhat pleasing attempt at a flower arrangement made with pretty things from the garden. Merry Christmas to one and all! I hope no-one else is knitting butts on Christmas Eve… 

Flower arrangement
My Christmas flower arrangement. I don’t have any flower arranging skills so I just kept fiddling with it until I was somewhere between satisfied and poked too many times by the totara leaves.


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