I Finished Knitting the…

I suppose you’re all dying to know if I finished knitting the thing with the butt. Well, yes. But no. Try as I might, I could not finish The Little Lion’s present in time for Christmas Day or before he and his family went back home. I finished it on the night of the day they went home. Poohs. But at least it gave me more time to add a few finishing touches. I was up far too late on Christmas Eve and spent far too much time knitting instead of doing other things. Like resting.

I am still trying to figure out how I so grossly underestimated the time it would take to finish it. Here are a few theories.

  1. I am insane.
  2. It was bigger than I thought it would be.
  3. I didn’t allow for ‘baby time’ in my estimations.
  4. The baby hormones have altered my mind beyond recognition.
  5. My stubbornness overrode my sound reasoning.
  6. I had trouble knitting it because it’s pink and I don’t like pink.
  7. I am insane.

And here are a few things I’ve learned from this experience. Hopefully.

  1. Read through the pattern before commencing knitting.
  2. Future knitted Christmas presents must be finished WELL before Christmas, or a Plan B must be initiated.

See? I have learned some things! Also, a straight-jacket has been ordered and we installed a big red switch on the wall that says ‘In case of knitting-induced emergency BREAK GLASS’.

I suppose you would like to see the thing that caused so much insanity. Well, here it is. The piglet. Also known variously as ‘That Jolly Piglet” and “The Stupid Piglet”. Poor piglet. It’s not his fault. And now that I’ve finished him I do actually feel a certain fondness towards him. The Little Lion’s birthday is in a couple of weeks, so I will be giving it to him then. “Why didn’t you just do that in the first place?” I hear you ask. Well, the thought did occur to me at some point, but you see, there are seven theories above that can explain that…

Piglet’s face
Piglet’s butt

5 thoughts on “I Finished Knitting the…

  1. Still laughing here – with lots of empathy, promise! That piglet certainly is cute! Job well done :). I started teaching myself to crochet a few months back, and what did I pick for my first project? A blanket. Now I flat out refuse to crochet anything else till the rotten thing is finished :). Why do we torture ourselves? 🙂

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    1. Haha, yes it is all very funny from the other side. A blanket is a worthy but time-consuming first project! A baby blanket was actually my first project too. Goodness, the insanity starts from the beginning. I still haven’t finished the rug that I took a break from to do a few ‘small’ projects. The ‘small’ projects turned into a big queue of not-so-small projects and now I have to finish a bunch of those before I feel like I can return to the rug, if only to empty the cupboard of some of my yarn stockpile. Good luck with your blanket, I look forward to seeing it!


  2. Ahh he is the cutest little piglet and quite adorable! Fancy him giving you so much trouble but a great sense of achievement at the same time. I’ve never attempted anything like it. I made a jumper as a teenager but nothing since.

    Watch out, you’ll be getting orders next. 😉

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    1. Thanks Kitty. Yes, he looks so innocent, doesn’t he?. I think I can safely promise you never to knit another piglet! Unless The Little Fulla develops an extreme fondness for pigs. There are plenty of other animals I would like to try knitting though. Just not with any crazy deadlines… 😉

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