The Vege Garden

Oops, I didn’t mean to leave my vege garden update for so long. Anyone would think it had fallen into disarray or been trampled by pigs (both reasonably likely). But no, it is looking pretty good and full at the moment and a beautiful bout of rain has set in today, which is perfect timing for its watering needs. I even stuck pretty well to my Vege Plan, with a few unfortunate exceptions.

The main raised vege bed
This photo was taken a week before the above one
BIG lettuces! A Cos above and Buttercrunch below. I’m a big fan of this deep bed method. And I do have a thumb; I don’t know what happened to it…

The main exception was due to a little forgetfulness and busyness. The few things that I sowed from seed directly into the vege garden (other than the carrots) failed to fire because I couldn’t keep the soil moist for their germination. These were the bok choy and spinach. It’s just as well I sowed everything else in trays and transplanted them. One section of carrots failed to germinate but I’m assuming it’s because the seeds for that cultivar (Manchester Table) were a little old. Plus the fur child had a little disturbance party in there. The Bastille carrots next door are fine though.

Capsicums, chillies, kale, parsley, etc. There are a few bare patches where bok choy is supposed to be.

The other main exception is a few of the tomato plants got a virus or some such malady. I pulled out two of the Big Beefs (auto-correct changed their name to Big Needs; very appropriate) that were under the bamboo tee-pees and the yellow-fruiting Golden Nugget that was beside them. Not soon enough though. The other Big Beef and the other Golden Nugget at that end of the bed have now got this blasted malady too. The other tomatoes are further away and appear to be fine. I’m actually not too disappointed as I probably planted too many tomatoes for this particular point in time. They are a high maintenance crop. And I still have my favourites down the other end: Black Krim, Amish Paste and the cherries. I would like to try some of the yellows though.

Amish Paste tomatoes with various salvias in front. One salvia died. Oops.
Four Black Krim tomatoes on the right and two Gardener’s Delight cherry tomatoes on the left.
Black Krim tomatoes coming along

Smaller deviations from the Vege Plan include not sowing enough meadowfoam whilst sowing a small forest of sweet alyssum for the flower department (oops) and adding a couple of basil plants in since the Herb Garden is still just a grand vision in my head.

Meadowfoam (Limnanthes douglasii)
Sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritima) and Salvia splendens ‘Salsa Deep Purple’

While harvesting is a little delayed, the crops are slowly getting there. Over Christmas I had to get The Husband to harvest the garlic before they rotted since I had too many things to do. They are a decent size considering I didn’t get time to get my liquid feeding act together. Maybe next season! I got The Husband to lay them out to dry in the order in which I planted them so we could see the effects of clove planting size. The garlic bulbs were generally bigger at the bigger clove end, though not the very end bulb, but there were a few big bulbs right in the middle too. Interesting. I need to pick out the biggest ones to save for planting next season.

One of the mixed capsicums, which happens to be a purple
The chillies are coming
The harvested garlic drying in the sun
Garlic bulbs
The garlic with some red onions ‘harvested’ from the compost heap. An accidental crop yay!

The pumpkin plants are currently trying to take over the world, as they do, so I need to sort them out before they smother the cucumbers and I need to tie my capsicums to their stakes. I also need to sow some more seeds of various things, preferably now, while it’s raining. Oh dear, I suppose I should add that to my mountainous to-do list!

The pumpkin jungle
The first cucumber. Normally I cull the low fruit while it’s tiny to avoid ‘ground fruit’. A good side-effect of the tomato deaths is that the cucumbers can now take over the bamboo tee-pees.

2 thoughts on “The Vege Garden

  1. The garlic season seems to have been a bit all over the shop for everyone this year – I had the same issue, had to get it out of the ground quicker than I would normally like, and all the rain we had in November seems to have affected bulb and clove development, which is a shame. Ill probably use my fertiliser tea next year to give the garlic a good boost and see if we can get it all back on track!


    1. It’s good to know it’s not just me and my short supply of gardening time! The garlic plants were looking great and then it seemed all of a sudden they needed to come out, like NOW. Maybe it was the inconsistent combination of a lot of rain interspersed with very hot, sunny days. Ah well, I’m glad I managed to keep my seed garlic going in any case. Here’s to next year! I mean this year. Yikes.


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