Good Crop, Bad Crop

Last time I talked about the pumpkins and squashes, which despite the powdery mildew and earlier-than-usual demise, still gave us decent crops. Except for the Pink Banana Jumbo squash, both plants of which grew like a stunted sloth and finally aborted their puny fruit. I blame the poor quality of the seeds. Plus the slugs … More Good Crop, Bad Crop

A ‘Long’ Harvest

You never know what you’re going to pull out of the vege garden sometimes.┬áThe other day, I pulled out a parsnip, with quite some amount of effort. It really outdid itself, this one, reaching 47cm (18.5in) long! But in the same bed, I also pulled out this one, which evidently had an awkward life, and … More A ‘Long’ Harvest