Summer Pruning

It appears that my special friend autumn heard my cry for help. Oh, what a beautiful thing you are, autumn! I saw you arrive yesterday, bringing cooler days, grey clouds and rain. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy about grey clouds. As promised, we frolicked in the garden together, autumn and I; or rather I pruned and potted and he kept me cool; I drank tea and I knitted, while wearing my slippers. I even had to close the windows in the evening and didn’t have to open them at all today. What bliss!

DSCF5599 cp
The apricot tree. It is starting to look less ‘hacked’. Just need to reach those high branches.

I needed to get back on track with the summer pruning since some of the fruit trees have finished fruiting. I started with the apricot, pruning the branches I could reach, but I’ll need the assistance of a ladder to get to the higher branches. Then I did my young dwarf apricot and almond trees in the Herb Garden. They look rather pitiful after pruning but it is essential to getting a good tree shape in the long run. Then I figured I should probably head in the direction of that jolly feijoa tree that I still haven’t finished pruning yet…

I climbed over the fence into the orchard. Well, I tried to but I gracefully fell over the fence into the orchard. Great start. “Hello, chickens.” The chickens looked at me like I was a maniac. Oh look, here’s the nectarine-or-peach-or almond tree that needs pruning. I pruned it. Then I noticed that the lemon tree needed pruning.

DSCF5610 cp
The nectarine-or-peach-or-almond tree. What dark mass lurking in the background?

The Husband had just arrived home and said, “What about the feijoa tree?” He knows too much. Hadn’t I already pruned the lemon tree? Yes, but it had grown back so nice and thick after its winter freeze and spring pruning that it did need pruning again to let more light in. We need lemons. The lemon tree had to be pruned. After a somewhat satisfactory lemon pruning The Little Fulla woke up. Today rain has been falling for most of the day and the garden and I are loving it. But it’s not good to prune in the rain. And that’s the end of the latest chapter in the feijoa pruning procrastination story.

DSCF5608 cp
The lush lemon tree.

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