Eternity Scarf

My latest knitting project is now complete! It’s taken a wee bit longer than is ideal, considering all the projects I want to get done, but then knitting a snuggly, wintery scarf in the height of summer isn’t really ideal either, is it? No wonder progress was slow. It’s actually quite an accomplishment for the summer months and I’m looking forward to some cooler weather so I can wear it. This is my yarn love scarf, knitted with the yarn I bought spontaneously before I found the lovely pattern to go with it.

DSCF5618 cp
Chunky Waves Eternity Scarf. The colour in this photo is rather off, but I just can’t wait until the morning! I have patterns to search.

It’s not so much a scarf as a cowl, but the pattern is called Chunky Waves Eternity Scarf by It can be worn either arranged around the neck or pulled down over the shoulders. I tried to take a photo of myself with it over my shoulders as well, but it did not work at all when I tried to stretch my arm out. So awkward.

I’m still getting warm fuzzies about the dark green colour. What’s more, I have most of one ball of yarn left, so I could do something else with it. Yes! No! Why did that sentence come out of my head? Oh, I should have just stuffed the ball in my knitting bag. Now I feel the need to peruse patterns looking for a little green yarn project to go with my scarf. Maybe some mittens or arm warmers. Ok, this is not good. I’m supposed to be picking one of the million baby jumper/cardigan patterns I’ve taken a fancy to to knit for The Little Fulla. For this winter. And then there’s the cardigan I’m supposed to be knitting for myself, which I have the yarn for. And the beanie to knit for The Husband, which I have the yarn for. Oh, the dilemmas of a knitter. What shall I do with myself…?

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