So Many Tomatoes

The tomatoes have been thundering in. Just when the Black Krims started to slow down, the ‘cherry’ tomatoes, Gardeners Delight, started ripening. I say ‘cherry’ tomatoes because I thought that’s what they were supposed to be, but they’re like small big tomatoes if you know what I mean! Not any use whole in salads but tasty nonetheless. And very productive. It’s just as well I’m not pregnant this summer or I might be struck by a sudden abhorrence of tomatoes again.

Most of these tomatoes are Gardeners Delight.

The Husband made another batch of tomato soup but this time reduced it further so it’s more concentrated. It will be handy as a meal base for mince dishes, curries and such like. That used up all the onions but we still had loads of tomatoes piling up and were about to go on holiday. What could we do? I chopped up some of the Black Krims, since their stalk bits can be a bit weird inside and some had split marks caused by sudden rain amongst the hot, dry weather, and put them in a container in the freezer. The rest of the tomatoes I just washed and chucked in a bag, well, two bags, and stuffed them in the freezer. We can cook them up from whole into soup or something else later on.

Chopped Black Krim tomatoes ready for the freezer.
A bag of tomatoes about to be stuffed in the freezer. Followed by another half bag…

We’re a little short on freezer space now, what with all the tomatoes, baby food, plums and other bits and pieces. It’s getting to the time when we might be ready for a new addition. The upright freezer in the garage is great but between that and our kitchen fridge-freezer things are getting tight! Maybe we could get a chest freezer to add to the garage. The trouble is, the garage is a mess because we still haven’t gotten around to putting things in proper places after the move… I reckon we should sort out the garage and then reward ourselves with a new, and by ‘new’ I mean secondhand, freezer. That ought to help move things along, right?

2 thoughts on “So Many Tomatoes

  1. My tomatoes have been absolutely nuts this year too! The Thai Pink Egg tomatoes that I grew last year (more about that here: self seeded and reverted to type – instead of a hybrid variety, I got a mix of beefcake tomatoes, cherry toms and pear tomatoes all growing in a wild mess in the garden. Ive been making passata, which will preserve at least, and eating just as many. There are worse things than a tomato that tastes of sunshine!


    1. Hehe that sounds busy! I thought about passata but the weather was too hot for any thoughts of roasting to pan out. Homegrown tomatoes sure are the best! Nothing like the pasty, weak things that adorn supermarket shelves most of the time.


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