The Husband gets a Knitted Hat

The next knitting project on my list came down to the line with three contenders. I had to have a new project to do while we were on holiday in Christchurch because there is always idle time on holiday and the hands get fidgety. The three contenders were:

  1. A cardigan for The Little Fulla.
  2. Wrist warmers made from my leftover green scarf/cowl yarn.
  3. A woolly hat for The Husband.

The cardigan and wrist warmers got struck out of the running when the parcel containing the cardigan yarn and wrist warmer needles didn’t arrive in time. The woolly hat wins! The yarn I chose is Bergere de France ‘Alaska’ in light grey, which is 50% wool and 50% acrylic.

Bergere de France ‘Alaska’

At various times whilst knitting The Husband’s woolly hat, he would catch me looking at his head. I was sizing it up to see if I could ascertain with my mind whether the hat was going to fit or not. The yarn I chose had a slightly different gauge to that in the pattern and The Husband has a slightly biggish head. Well, there’s a lot that goes on in that brain; it needs adequate housing. Moving along…

I managed to finish the hat on the last night of our 11-day holiday, which was fairly impressive considering I had a small child to look after and lots of family and friends to catch up with. Towards the end I realised the hat seemed to be tending towards the biggish end of the scale, in terms of height. I considered The Husband’s head and kept going because I just couldn’t tell how it would fit until I was finished. It depended on whether it was worn with the ribbed border folded up or not. Once finished, The Husband had to try it on. With the ribbed border down it wasn’t snug-fitting in terms of height, but a little slouchy. With the ribbed border up it was too small. I decided that it was good and finished, partly because the slouchiness looked quite good on The Husband (sorry, no photo at the moment) and partly because I did not want to re-do a big chunk of the hat. It was finished!

The Husband’s woolly hat

Quick! Time to start the next project! You’d think this leaves me one project down, but I realised while we were in the midst of some lovely cool weather in Christchurch that The Little Fulla suddenly only has one woolly hat that might fit him this winter. Yes, his head has grown along with the rest of him. Which means… Another project gets added to my list! I’m feeling halfway between excitement and disgust with myself.

What do you think?

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