My First Broccoli

Yes, I have grown broccoli in the garden for the first time. I don’t like broccoli. It’s not as bad as peas, mind. I don’t think anything is. I have been known to eat the occasional small (minuscule) piece of broccoli and even some cold broccoli salad, but I don’t care for it. The Husband and The Little Fulla will eat it though, and thus it has made its way into my vege garden.

DSCF6576 cp
The brassica bed, complete with weeds and evidence of a large caterpillar family.

We harvested the first broccoli floret the other day. It grew so fast I didn’t even know it was ready until The Husband pointed it out. I cut the stem off just above the four wee side florets, which will hopefully grow somewhat bigger to provide a further harvest. The broccoli was festooned with small caterpillars so The Husband put it in a large bowl of salted water to kill them off. We were surprised to see a bunch of small snails come out that evening too. I suppose broccoli is like an exciting forest fort for bugs to hide in.

DSCF6573 cp
My first broccoli. I’m pretty chuffed, even though it won’t be heading towards my plate.
DSCF6577 cp
Four wee side florets of broccoli.

I’m feeling rather pleased that I have added broccoli-growing to my forte, with very minimal effort, I must say. I’m still not planning to eat any of it though…

2 thoughts on “My First Broccoli

  1. I can’t believe anyone could hate broccoli, its easily one of my favourite vegetables and I grow it all year round at my place! Don’t forget to harvest those small side florrets, they extend your harvest for ages and are great in soups, stews or stirfrys. Here are my top 10 recipes using broccoli – – maybe you’ll enjoy cooking them, even if you don’t enjoy eating them!

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    1. Yeah, I know. But I can’t help my tastebuds! The side florets are starting to get bigger already. I have to admit that I’m cringing at the sight of your broccoli recipes. It probably doesn’t help that I’m steaming some for The Little Fulla right now and the living area smells like broccoli… But I actually don’t mind cooking it for the rest of the family. It has often made its way into our stir-fries, I just pick out the bits and put ’em on The Husband’s plate. Now that there are two broccoli eaters in the household I guess broccoli is going to be a bit more common around here.


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