Peering at Photos: A Look Back at The Original Feather Babies

I’m going to do a current chick update soon, really! But first, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: looking back at photos of Mr Bingley and co, the presumed 3/4 Australorp crew, to compare how they looked when they were chicks to how they look now. Or when we saw them last for those that passed on. This does have a relevant purpose too, which is trying to figure out how the current feather babies will develop by comparing them. You can tell which of the originals I had the most trouble identifying by the amount of temporary names they had. Looking back at the photos I can tell the chicks apart more easily, but when they’re running around together it is hard to tell the similar-looking ones apart. Hooray for photos! It has taken rather a while to assemble all these photos, which is perhaps why I took so long to do it, but I’m glad I have done so, as it’s very interesting to see how the original chicks have developed. Mr Bingley’s colour change was by far the most unexpected!

DSCF7055 cp
The original chicks at 2 weeks old. Around the outside from top: The Smoky Chick, Little Spot, Jane, Half Pie, Lizzie (I think) and Lydia. In the bowl, left to right: Orange Feet (I think) and Mr Bingley.


Mr Bingley (aka The Dark Blue/Grey Chick or Scrappy)


Jane (aka The Chick That Looks Like Little Spot or Blue Girl)


Little Spot


The Smoky Chick


Lydia (aka Pie)


Lizzie (aka Bob, Orange Toe or Blackie)



Orange Feet


Half Pie

Now, I really am prepared for a current chick update next…











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