Oh, That Casual Vege Garden Over There

“Why yes, my vege garden is looking rather swell isn’t it?” She said, arms aching and trying not to fall asleep. I mean, of course my vege garden looks marvelous! Because I have fairies who come out at night and garden for me. If only. If anyone knows where to find such fairies I will show extreme interest. But really, I have only just ‘finished’ the main vege garden planting and tee-pee constructing for the season. ‘Better late than never’ is once again my motto. It pays not to still be constructing and filling new beds come spring as that thwarts things! And don’t hurt yourself, that is also thwarting. And your spouse is not to hurt themselves either. And don’t leave the removal of stick mountains until spring either. And don’t leave giant celery in your vege bed either, as that will thwart your new planting plans and bring thoughts of disgust as you discover that most of the stems you were saving to make something with have been chewed inside and thus made the decision to keep the giant celery for so long a bad idea anyway.

And so, behold! The young vege garden of spring but almost summer. The harvest for most things will be later and lesser, but that’s ok! What do you mean my voice sounds high-pitched when I say that? All I have left to plant now is some more meadowfoam for the predator insects (some crazy person sowed a great mass of it in a seed tray) and purple basil, which has been a little slow to get going. I need to sow some spinach seeds too. Otherwise, it is just crop maintenance and ongoing succession sowing and planting, which is probably going to go awry… But that’s ok!


More things of note to self and anyone else who may benefit:

  • Don’t forget which types of beans you bought and create a crop plan for climbing beans, when two of the three types you have are dwarf bush beans.
  • Bamboo tee-pees take a while to make so you will NOT be able to do them in one session. Or two. Especially if you run out of string.
  • Stakes and labels must be positioned out of reach of pilfering small children.
  • More vege beds are needed. Oops! Did I say that out loud?
The ‘brassica & legume’ bed, represented by kale and beans. And also, capsicums, parsley and tomatoes. And basil. And garlic.
The ‘miscellaneous’ bed with tomatoes, pumpkins and some salad greens.
The ‘roots’ bed, with carrots, spring onions, garlic and leeks. And tomatoes. And capsicums. And rhubarb.

6 thoughts on “Oh, That Casual Vege Garden Over There

    1. Hi Babl, Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t actually realise I had the reblogging button activated (that’s what happens when you’re running around at the speed of a freight train) and have disabled it now, but it’s fine for you to reblog this post. Thanks. 🙂

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  1. It looks beautiful! Ours is on it’s way out for the year. I have give the remains of the broccoli and cabbage plants to the chickens. And need to till it under before it snows.


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