So, it Takes a While to Knit Things in Summer

Summer is hot. And busy. So it’s perfectly acceptable to take a while to knit things over Summer. As long as you remember that they are going to take a while and factor that into your vague timeline for the never-ending list of knitted projects that keeps gathering more projects and more yarn like an out-of-control tumbleweed bumbling across the countryside. It took me 2 1/2 months to knit The Husband’s Christmas stocking. That is perfectly acceptable, right? Right. Here it is, in all its finished glory. I just won’t show you the little ends that I couldn’t be bothered weaving in on the inside…

DSCF0329 4x6
The Husband’s Christmas stocking.

I made up the colour pattern as I went along, making it the same colours as The Little Fulla’s Christmas stocking, but a different pattern. I also made the cuff and the leg a bit longer. Was it because it looks proportionately better or because bigger people need bigger presents? Maybe both.

DSCF0325 4x6
Now The Little Fulla’s Christmas stocking (top) has a friend.

I am also going to knit a Christmas stocking for myself, to make the collection complete. But first, I have other projects to do. I have started knitting a little baby bear hat for The Little Sister’s incoming ‘walnut’. Surely that shouldn’t take toooo long, she said, while thinking about the impending assignment due date and the need to finish the second chicken pen. And then I have to knit a jersey for The Little Fulla. Which may or may not end up knitted in a size for next winter. Or being knitted next winter. I also want to knit some slippers for The Little Fulla, which will probably jump the queue in front of the jersey. I’m supposed to be knitting a cardigan for myself, but I know not when that day will come. I dare not look at the rest of my projects queue at the moment as it would frighten my knitting needles out of the house. And then, of course, I must not forget to knit my own Christmas stocking before Christmas arrives…

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