My ‘Busy Season’ in Pictures And Very Few Words

Assignment: Finished. One more.

Second chicken pen: Much work. Slow progress.


Ivy on cedar: Ha! I’m winning.
Donkey Farm.
Chicks: Growing. Boys.


Hens: Minor foot issues resurface.
Kitty: Floofy character.
Mr Bingley: Moulting.
Second chicken pen: MUST FINISH.
Jolly camellia: Get it out.
Rain: Too much.
Vege Garden: Soggy mess.



Beans: Fun shelling.



Pumpkins:¬†Giant. Mini. More later…


Walnuts: Harvesting time always soggy.
Feijoas: One harvest. More now.
Sludge = feijoa chutney. Hopefully.


5 thoughts on “My ‘Busy Season’ in Pictures And Very Few Words

    1. Yeah, we’ve had a lot of rain in the last few weeks. The drain out the front was still dealing with water from the last bout of rain when the next large bucket of rain arrived! I wish the rain would spread itself out a bit more. It’s been one extreme to the other. Hehe I’ve been too busy to write much so I figured some photos would suffice. I do have to write about the pumpkins though…


  1. Your home (what we see of it) looks so beautiful! Thanks for the glimpses!

    Are the chicks both boys?

    And poor Mr. Bingley does not look quite so magnificent when he is molting. Dots looked ragged last year but never really got as downright pathetic as the hens did.

    Come to think of it, neither did Abby. They are the same breed so I wonder if easy molting can be a breed thing? The RiRs all looked like they’d just been plucked but Abby just kind of gracefully went from ‘raggedy to fluffy again’ with me even noticing.

    And look at all that water!!! Here I was complaining that the run was a little squishy to walk on and you’re over there getting water-logged!!!

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    1. Thanks. It’s hard getting stuff done at the moment but every little bit counts. This is the first time we’ve had any surface flooding on our property, but at least we didn’t have much compared to some of the neighbours. All the wetness is bad for the chickens and my attempts to lay hay down keep getting thwarted by more rain, so I’m trying to get the second chicken pen sorted ASAP, which is easier said than done.

      I’ve always thought moulting was just an individual kind of thing. Frodo moults quite fast, but she always seems to do it after she’s hatched chicks. As soon as her eggs had hatched – BOOM! Feathers everywhere. The older three Bennet girls: Lizzie, Lydia and Jane are moulting slowly so haven’t looked particularly bad at any stage yet. Mr Bingley started off moulting slowly, but now it’s like – everything must come out! The poor dude is looking a bit sorry for himself. I don’t know if there’s any rhyme or reason to moulting. But I’m glad that mine have kept laying without too many gaps *cough slacker Jane*.

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      1. Yeah. I’m learning that molting is a lot different than how I thought it would be. I have 2 hens that still aren’t done their winter molt and spring is here. And then I have some of the Mystery Bin Girls and Australorps from last years brooder hatch – they are starting to molt a little here and there. And again, it’s spring.


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