Much Ado About Leftover Green Yarn

Do you remember that lovely dark green leftover yarn that has been plaguing me with its inability to complete a project? The wrist warmers that were one-and-a-half wrist warmers were sent packing on the fail boat. The green hat I attempted to knit for The Little Fulla almost boarded the fail boat too. First, I forgot to just straight knit some height after the ribbing and went right into the decreasing. I have not been very well, so I can blame my lack of proper brain function on that. Then, I was being so cautious with my yarn usage that the hat was too small once finished, so I had to undo everything back to before the decreasing and knit some more full rows in. But, I finished the hat and it fits The Little Fulla! And I only have a very small smidgen of green yarn leftover. Actually, I’m not even going to say leftover, for that word has somehow made friends with the word ‘obligation’ and they’re getting a bit too excited with each other.

The Little Fulla has a green hat. The green yarn found a purpose!

And now, here’s my version of double knitting: knitting the same thing again because the first thing wasn’t big enough. The slippers I knitted for The Little Fulla were a bit small and they just weren’t staying on his feet, despite some vigorous stretching sessions. So, I knitted another pair of the same slippers but longer and deeper. Now they fit his feet well. And the giant ball of acrylic yarn is down to only… 125g. Don’t worry, I’ve put it away. It’s too big a ball to be considered as the ‘L’ word.

Double knitting?

My next knitting endeavour is a jersey for The Little Fulla. The lovely merino yarn has arrived and I am currently checking my gauge. Do you want to know what colour it is? It’s dark green.

3 thoughts on “Much Ado About Leftover Green Yarn

    1. I recommend knitting to everyone, as there’s always something you can do. A good place to start if your fingers do get twitching is They have a lot of patterns and good search filters to find what you’re looking for. You can see ones that other people have made and check out their notes and ratings for the pattern. I haven’t learnt to crochet yet, but I will someday.

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