Redecorating, From Wood Piles to Blog

Have you noticed that the blog looks a little different? I hope so. You know what else looks a little different? The future patio! The entire wood pile is gone! The Little Fulla and I finished sorting and moving the wood into the woodshed, but not before The Husband hijacked our wheelbarrow for his other wood pile. Oi! He sawed up all the pieces of thick pallet wood into fire-sized pieces and proceeded to move them to the woodshed also. So, the woodshed kind of got full of wood all of a sudden as we both tried to stuff our piles of wood in there. The Husband couldn’t fit all his wood in the ‘dry wood’ bay thanks to all my ‘sticks’, so he made a new, not entirely stable wood pile under the garage carport. Because it’s not like I’m trying to clean up the carport area or anything. But at least they are off the lawn and he didn’t put them in the patio area!


After moving all the firewood out of the future patio area beside the deck, I put away the black plastic and moved the pallet and some plastic feed sacks that we’re half covered in bark. It looks so much more tidy, spacious and light now. Next up, I need to shovel out the bark to put on the garden somewhere and remove whatever is lurking underneath it that has thrown up long, tangled bits of string through the bark. I’m guessing some hideous, deteriorating weed mat. After that I need to learn how to prepare the ground for laying pavers and acquire the necessary materials. And after that there’s roofing to sort out.


In conjunction with trying to clean up under the carport I started cleaning up the garage, as it was getting very messy again. Well, I mean, certain parts of it never got tidied up last time… It is a continual work in progress.


Ok, the blog. You have probably noticed that TWIGLET HOMESTEAD has a new appearance. What do you think? I’m still tinkering away at it, so there will be more to explore in the near future. Have you also noticed that the website domain name has changed? We are now a personalised .com! Not only does that make us more grown up, I think, although we will never lose our youthful nuttiness, but it also means that a few ads can run on the website to give us a little bit of income. I hope you enjoy the new look and the new content that will be added in the near future. Your thoughts are welcome!

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