I Ate it And I Liked it

I ate Broccoli. And I liked it. There is only one way in which I like broccoli thus far, and that is in a raw broccoli salad. I’m not sure if it’s because the broccoli is raw, because there’s bacon or because there’s mayo and bacon, but it works. We made some for the first time one night this week. I even said some unexpected words that would be a shock to anyone who knows me well, ” I need to grow more broccoli.” If you’re keen to eat broccoli in a baconated way, here is the recipe we used: Fresh Broccoli Salad. As we only had one head of broccoli from the garden and one cauliflower, we made it a broccoli and cauliflower salad, which worked just fine.

Broccoli and cauliflower salad, complete with bacon. Bacon!

Speaking of brassicas, I planted out my seedlings in the brassica bed. It was a dangerous journey for these seedlings to get from tray to garden, as The Little Fulla was with me, fidgety hands trying to grab things and dig holes with my trowel all over the place. Despite the thwarting circumstances, I managed to get 18 seedlings planted: six each of broccoli, cauliflower and red cabbage. They are surrounded by a mulch of old chicken bedding, also known as poopy wood shavings, that has been on there a while, so hopefully they will be ok with that. Time will tell if it is a good idea or if it hasn’t had enough decomposing time. It certainly helps to keep the weeds manageable and protect the soil while the crops aren’t home.

Brassica bed
My brassica bed is starting to get well used already, in the middle of winter. I have some brassicas growing in last season’s brassica bed too. Let’s hope these littlies like the old chicken bedding mulch.
Baby broccoli seedlings join some of the older plants.

There are still some humongous leeks lingering in the vege garden. We need to hurry up and use them before they rot. I always seem to plant too many. One huge leek goes a long way. I think some leek soup is in order. Maybe with bacon in it…

There are still some huge leeks in the garden that we need to use very soon.

Meanwhile, I have been watching my tray of wee onions grow on the dining room table. I really need to make some form of little greenhouse. The brown onions are doing well, the red onions are doing pretty well, although there are only nine, and the spring onions are a total flop. I’m not sure if it’s because the seeds are too old (must check the packet) or because the seed raising mix is too old. This was all I had left and the bag had been around for a while. I guess I’ll just have to go to Bunnings… Time to write a Bunnings list!


The citrus trees are doing well this winter. All of a sudden they are bursting with golden orbs, which are a brilliant contrast to the gloomy, grey skies. I think the lack of frosts is doing them well. The lemon tree needs pruning again to let more light in; it’s just such a lush thing, and the grapefruit needs pruning to decrease it’s overall size and give the peach tree in the middle more space. Pruning will be done at a less fruitful time. I’m still behind on all my fruit tree pruning. Some dry weather would be reeeally nice! Please?

The grapefruit always look nice, but I’m not very good at using them.
Citrus trees
The mature citrus trees are a beautiful sight at this time of year, bringing warmth to this part of the garden on a gloomy day. The grapefruit is on the left, the lemon on the right and the tangelo is tucked in behind the lemon.
The orchard mess
It’s a far cry from the messy orchard of two years ago. And this was after I had started pruning. We sure have done a lot! And the chickens have eaten a lot.

How are everyone else’s fruit and veges going? Are your edibles edible?

Before I go, you may have noticed that there has been some exciting redecorating going on around here. And I’m not talking about moving around and displaying pieces of wood all over the backyard. More about all that later!

5 thoughts on “I Ate it And I Liked it

  1. I love broccoli and growing it was so much fun last year. We got ours in late this year and I don’t think it’s going to grow. 😦


    1. Oh no! It’s a funny thing; it can grow in our winters here but doesn’t do well in the height of summer. Maybe if you feed yours some compost and water them well they will speed up? C’mon broccoli!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mostly, I had some started from seeds in my basement and then the beginning of planting season was so rainy they didn’t get planted in time. So they died and we basically had to plant all over again. Next year I will buy started plants.


        1. Ah, stink! I’ve been buying seedlings just to save time. They can be finicky when young and sometimes you just need to plant them when you want to, not when they’re ready… Or not ready. 😛

          Liked by 1 person

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