The Bundles of Cuteness Arrive

We have chicks, people! The first bundles of cuteness arrived early yesterday morning and there is a long train of them. I could never get over how cute chicks are. So small. So soft. So many colours. The Little Fulla is loving them too. So far, we have 13:

  • 5 Lorelai-Mr Bingley jnrs
  • 3 Sookie-Mr Bingley jnrs
  • 5 Waikato purebred Australorps


There are three eggs that haven’t hatched yet and I’m starting to wonder if they will as Frodo is not always sitting tight on them: 1 more Waikato Australorp and the two posted Northland Australorps. This is the biggest brood I’ve set to hatch and I can see that it’s tricky for Frodo to juggle a bunch of needy chicks while still keeping the remaining eggs warm. I have been helping as much as I can and Frodo stopped pecking me pretty soon after she realised I was helping; making sure they’re all ok and warm and helping to show the older ones how to eat chick crumbs.

The colour business is most fascinating. I thought that both the Sookie and Lorelai chicks would be black or blue laced, but the three Sookie chicks are gingery/brown patterned. They are very cute and easy to tell apart! This just goes to show the unknown genetic influences of Mr Bingley’s father. I will delve more into that later because I am most curious about it. I can’t photograph all the chicks at the moment since I don’t want to disturb the incubating of the last few eggs, but the other chicks are a combination of black, blue and I think one splash Australorp. This is going to be a long journey of colour exploration!

9 thoughts on “The Bundles of Cuteness Arrive

  1. Babies!!! Yay! They are so cute! If anyone can handle 13 babies, it’s Frodo. She is a good mom.

    It’s the beginning of winter here and all my older girls are molting. They look awful and pathetic. Abby did not even try to go broody this year. I am slightly disappointed by that but at the same time not because we had a lot of chicks this summer and the last is still tiny.

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    1. Yeah, Frodo is doing well so far and is a LOT less protective of her chicks towards me than when she had just two, so they’re getting more handling time.

      You did have a lot of chicks! Hope they’re all doing well. Maybe next season for Abby.


      1. All of my babies are doing well. It’s almost time to decide the fate of the roosters though. I have 6 definite roosters (Dots, Luke,Philip, Cutie, Grumpy and Sylvester) and of Claire/Eugenie’s I think there are 2 more… and Pavelle’s last one, AJ (he is Abby’s bio baby) who is also a rooster. But they are too young/small to send to freezer camp. So they winter over.

        I’ve been given permission to keep Dots and two other roosters. Cutie (a silver penciled Rock) is handsome and I love his looks. Sylvester is the buff Brahma I was hoping was a hen earlier. But he’s not. And Philip is Pavelle’s bio-son. He is almost too small to freezer camp.

        I hate making the decision. I tried to sell them online but everyone has roosters so now I have to decide. I want to keep Philip because he is so unique. The other is a toss up between Sylvester and Cutie. I like them both. Sylvester is more friendly. I hate making the decision.

        I need to post pictures of them.


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