A Strawberry Patch is Born

So, this happened:


I’m not entirely sure how. The Husband did dig the hole for the apple tree, which I was most grateful for, but as for the rest of it, would you believe… Woodland Fairies? The Husband believes in The Cleaning Fairy, so she’s bound to have some green-fingered friends. Somehow the newest garden bed, the Apple Tree Garden, got planted with the Cox’s Orange Pippin apple tree, some Carex comans (bronze) sedges and all the strawberries that had been living in planters on the deck (Chandler, Camarosa and Sweet Temptation). And some sections of tree trunk were installed for stepping on as well. All it needs now is some mulch. I was inspired by the strawberry patch under a tree at Willow Creek Farm. I mean, the Woodland Fairies were. I am trying to be careful with my back. But it is amazing what you can do crawling around on all fours…

The problem now is that I have an idea for more strawberries. 15 plants isn’t nearly enough for a family of three, especially when there’s a pilfering small child lurking around. As usual, it’s another project to add to my list. Let’s just say it involves a stormwater pipe and a fence. Although I dare say we could use more stormwater pipes for other things around here *cough-rain-and-flooding*.

7 thoughts on “A Strawberry Patch is Born

    1. Thanks, Little Chef! It’s nice to have you stopping by. I like your blog too and I see we’re tonsillitis buddies! Not a club we want to be in though, so I hope you get better soon. 🙂


  1. Those strawberry plants look like they could be divided next . . . year . . . ? Whenever your autumn is. Okay, it is spring now; so they should put out a few runners over summer, even if you do not add more plants. My mother grew strawberries for many years, but the plants get virus after a while. They lose vigor until I replace them. I hate replacing something that should be so sustainable. The weird thing is that I have not replaced them for a very long time now, and they are still doing well. I will not replace them until necessary.

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    1. This is the third season for most of them, but this is the first time they’ve been in the ground so they ought to get a bit happier. I’ll definitely be potting up runners. Conventional gardening advice says I should throw the plants away after this season, but I don’t like throwing them away either. I’ll see how they go and take it on a case-by-case basis.

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      1. Yes, that is sort of what I did, although I would not admit to it. There are still strawberry plants out there that came from plants that came from plants that came from plants (You get the idea.) that were planted in about 1974! That is just too old, even by my cheap standards.


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