A ‘Long’ Harvest

You never know what you’re going to pull out of the vege garden sometimes. The other day, I pulled out a parsnip, with quite some amount of effort. It really outdid itself, this one, reaching 47cm (18.5in) long!

But in the same bed, I also pulled out this one, which evidently had an awkward life, and wasn’t much use at all.


Not to be outdone in the length department, the Yard Long Red Noodle beans (Vigna unguiculata) have started to mature. I haven’t measured these ones, but they’re pretty long. It’s my first time growing them, so it will be interesting to see what they taste like. Their dark burgundy colour is amazing.

A harvest of goodness: tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies and the first Yard Long Red Noodle beans. The tomatoes have started to split from the crazy weather changes, the current setting being LOTS OF RAIN again.

6 thoughts on “A ‘Long’ Harvest

  1. Oh my! You only need one of those at a time. You know, that is a new vegetable to me. I have never grown them, and did not even know what to do with them when someone gave me a bunch last year. They get cooked for a long time. I was told that they are a traditional vegetable for a roast, but I do not cook roasts. I do sometimes make soups though.

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    1. I’m still a parsnip newbie too. So far, we’ve only roasted them with a medley of other veges like potatoes, kumara, carrots, etc. I’m sure there are other nice things you can do with them too, I just love roast veges! Maybe I’ll have to do some recipe searching.

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      1. I did not like them as much as the softer root vegetables for quick roasting or grilling. I just roasted them with carrots and potatoes and a pot roast because they cook for such a long time. They cook for a long time in stew too.

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        1. I think I prefer roast parsnips to carrots, but I didn’t used to like them at all, on the odd occasion I had them. The younger ones are definitely better than older parsnips. I wasn’t planning on letting any get as big as this lengthy one!

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    1. This is the first time I’ve grown them and I ain’t gonna stop now! I think they’re low maintenance. You just have to keep the weeds down when they’re young, give them enough water and make sure you don’t plant other things too close to them as they get quite tall and leafy.

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