In Which a King Drops by

One day a loud thud indicated that a bird had flown into the living room window. My casual check out the window was met with the surprising sight of this:

IMG_20181008_154813713_HDR 3x2.jpg

A kingfisher! Poor beautiful bird. It was a New Zealand kingfisher, also known as sacred kingfisher or kotare. We rarely see kingfishers around our parts, let alone have them fly into our windows. Fortunately for this kingfisher, I have chicken skills. It didn’t look good lying on the ground there but I picked it up to have a look at it. It had a spot of blood on one side by its beak, probably from impact with the bark on the ground, but its legs and wings seemed ok, aside from weakness. I put it in a box with some comfy rags on the outdoor table and left it to rest. Stressed birds need rest and quietness. I preoccupied the small child.

IMG_20181008_154910066_HDR 3x2

IMG_20181008_155210181_HDR 3x2
The kingfisher was so pretty, he just HAD to pull through.

Some time later, we went to check it and it flew swiftly out of the box upon The Little Fulla’s approach, before I could even see it. I was very pleased that it was ok. The Little Fulla was not impressed. “It’s not ok! It flew into a window again!” No, no it didn’t. “It’s NOT ok!” He was disappointed that he didn’t get to fulfill his secret plan of having a pet kingfisher.

2 thoughts on “In Which a King Drops by

  1. When you said that you had chicken skills, I thought that you meant that the kingfisher would be supper. That did not seem to be fortunate for the kingfisher. Besides, there is not much meat on that bird.

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    1. Hahaha I had not thought of that, but yes, I suppose birds of any kind might be worried about falling into my hands. But really, only those of poultry or game kind ought to be concerned about ending up in the pot. Otherwise, I just want to rescue them. Except for hawks. Potential chicken eaters will not be tolerated.

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