The Heat is Driving Everyone Nuts

While some parts of the world have been encased in a polar vortex, which sounds like the next big action movie, we have been in a heatwave. Thanks, Australia, for sharing your things with us. Temperatures have been hovering around 28-32degC. Hamilton, our nearest city, cracked its all time temperature record at 32.9degC. When The Husband checked the weather page early evening that day it stated a ‘feels like’ temperature of 37degC. Humidity was over 75% so it was just icky. It has gone back to ‘normal’ summer hotness now. We’re hanging out for rain again.

IMG_20190128_152930178_HDR ed
Cooling off in a river.

It has been hard to get anything done in the intense heat. Early mornings are really the only cool time. Some of the crops are loving the heat, particularly the corn. The pumpkins are going like bonkers and I had to trim some of them back. The chillies have started to ripen already and the tomatoes are finally providing for us, when they’re not getting pilfered by the small child. We have also been hacking away at more weeds.

The heatwave was good for one thing: the corn.


These are the Golden Roma tomatoes. Or is it Darrington, the tomato head?

I have been busting a move on decluttering and organising things. I sold the bed in the spare room and am in the process of selling or giving away other things we don’t need. I am on the lookout for a craft desk and a storage cabinet for my craft and market things. The first market of the year was on Saturday and it was great to get back into it and remind myself that I need to invest more time into growing plants for sale. I have started tidying up my potting shed as well.

I cleared out some stuff from the linen cupboard and that paved the way for some exciting work to begin on another goal: the lights. The Husband, who works with cables and networking things, said he could install the household lights if we get a registered electrician to check them. I jumped on this opportunity and after purchasing some of the necessary lightbulbs, The Husband installed three of the light fixtures that have been sitting in their boxes in the cupboard for about three years… Oops! Here’s hoping he will get more of them done soon.


Chicken politics are keeping things interesting. Darrington the rooster has been kept busy with managerial duties as he’s got multiple age groups and factions to preside over. This is good, because it distracted him from the fact that he only had two ladies for a little while: Frodo and Betty. So what have the other hens been up to? Everything.

Some of the chicken factions are present here. Frodo and Betty are on the left, one of the Dorking pullets is on top of the autofeeder, Rory and her chicks are in centre, Darrington is puffing out his chest like an overconfident drill sergeant, Annie’s young boy is on top of the chick food box and Frodo’s young boy is just exiting at the top of the photo.
Darrington is such a poser. Here he is with his current leading ladies, Frodo and Betty.

One thought on “The Heat is Driving Everyone Nuts

  1. Even though your are half a year off, It is fun to see what we have to look forward to. Although far from the Polar Vortex, we did happen to get some of the coolest weather we have experienced in a few years. It is not bad of course, but it is no fun to work in. I really do not know how people deal with ‘real’ cold weather and snow, or very ‘hot’ weather! It gets hot out in the Mojave Desert, but I do not need to work in it.

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