In Which The Husband Begins Assembling Something

The Husband and The Little Fulla had been doing something out the front for rather a while and I was enjoying sitting and writing my blog in the peace and quiet. Then The Husband came in and asked me to come and help him with something out the front, but he would not tell me what. When I arrived at the scene there was some sort of assembly of white poles going on all over the lawn and The Little Fulla was sitting on the grass drilling screws into something a little too happily.


“Can you help me lift this?” The Husband asked, picking up one side of some sort of frame made with very long poles.

Twiglet: “What is it it?”

The Husband: “The roof.”

Twiglet: “The roof of what? Your padded cell?”

The Husband: “No, your padded cell.”

By this time I knew what he was making so I gave up trying to get anything sensible out of him. It wasn’t actually a padded cell, he was making me a greenhouse. This is all very exciting, however, my excitement is tempered by the fact that The Husband is making it up as he goes along. This could go either way. Next, I had to help him bend one side of poles, joined in the middle by a connector, to make a curve that would fit into the base frame. As soon as the poles were stretched into a curve, one promptly pinged out of the connector. The Husband informed me that he had glued the poles into the connector, but the glue probably needed longer to dry.

Twiglet: “How long is it supposed to need?”

The Husband: “24 hours.”

Twiglet: “And what, you’ve only let it dry for like an hour?”

The Husband: “Ah, 10 minutes.”

At this point I started laughing. The Husband, when motivated, jumps into projects with great fervor and sometimes I can only but laugh at his eagerness to do something as quickly as possible. I would be drawing up a scale plan on a spreadsheet, but oh no, there’s no need for that. This afternoon The Husband was outside working on it again, doing something with the heat gun. I was too scared to go out there and see what he was doing. Or destroying. But then he made me go out and help him with stuff. I think there’s progress. Sort of. I have politely offered a couple of alternative frame assembly suggestions but he’s happy with his ideas so I’m letting him do his thing. Stay tuned for The Husband’s greenhouse assembly adventure.

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