Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 10 – Shepherds in Trouble

Scripture: Luke 2:8

“I will put you in here forever.” (The shepherds get put into the open drawer cavity.)

“You get up there, you silly old man, otherwise I’ll put you in jail.”

“You’re in real trouble now.” “Stop pushing yourself off the hook. You’re in dark danger! Dark danger!”

“Drop your sheep off now!” (The shepherd with the staff says to the one that’s holding a sheep.) “The police is coming now!” “Quick, let’s hide up here!”

“Let your sheep go, otherwise you’re going to jail!” “Thank you.” “But since you took more than one minute, you’re going to JAIL!!!” (The offending shepherd gets put under an upturned drawer.)

“You’re my friend, you’re my friend.” (The other shepherd makes friends with the donkey.)

(The drawers are arranged into a nice circular stable.)

(One by one the drawers are knocked over.) “Watch out, you’re gonna knock the baby.” “Oh, poor baby, I’ll hook you away.”

“Today we’ve got a really special surprise.” (Me – “What’s the surprise?”) “This.” (Me – “The manger?”) “Yes.”

“I just love this donkey.” “You can have some hay.” “No matter what, you can have some hay.” (The donkey is put into a drawer with the manger.)

“I’m making you a bigger house.” “It’s beautiful!” “The donkey needs time to eat in his house.” “One more minute.”

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