Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 9 – A Manger or a Boat?

Scripture: Luke 2:7

(Me – “Do you know what it is?”) “I don’t know.” “It’s made out of the bottom of a boat.” (My ingenuity in trying to find a tiny manger.)

“Be straight please.” (Baby Jesus is told how to lie properly in the manger.)

(The drawers get arranged into a stable setting and extra farm animals appear on the scene.)

“The animals want to eat the hay.” (One by one the animals come right up to the manger). “Now he wants his mum.” (Baby Jesus gets up and hops along the ground to Mary and onto her lap.)

“They’re saying, “No!”” “Mary and Joseph are.”

“Now it’s the sheep’s boat.” “The sheep went away on the water floating and he almost went down the waterfall.”

“Joseph went down the waterfall.” (Me – “Where’s he gone?”) “He’s on my pants. Down in the waterfall.”

“He has to control the boat. That’s what happened.” “And then they were sad because Joseph never ever came back again.”

“After a while when he never came back, guess what the sheep did?” “The sheep went down the waterfall and guess what the sheep had when he came back? Guess what he had?” “He got Joseph!”

“Maaaaa.” “Thank you! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” (Joseph thanks the sheep.) “That’s why they have their boat.”

What do you think?

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