Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 11 – Another Angel & a Moving Truck

Scripture: Luke 2:9-12

“Ha ha ha ha, I’m going to hook you both.” (says the shepherd with the staff.) “You’re in jail, you’re in jail, you’re in jail.”

“But he was bringing the angel back.” “He he he. It’s his van!”

“They’re loading the boxes on that they would need.” (Onto a transport truck.) “That’s all we need!” “I’ll hang onto the back with my staff.”

“And the big truck is going to a big hotel where the van lives.” “The angel is in there, telling them where to go.” “But she (the shepherd) doesn’t know where to go with the sheeps.” (The shepherd holding the sheep gets left behind.)

“Did you drive over me?” (asks the sheep shepherd.) “Yes, you did, you silly old man!” “The police needs to stop the van because the van is scraping the person’s head.”

“And he went down the slide. Wheeeee!” (The staff shepherd slides down the roof.)

“Are you alive? Are you alive?” (the shepherd asks the angel, who is now lying on the ground, having been run over.)

(The transport truck reappears with all the drawers.)

“They can’t toot coz their horn is broken.” (The shepherd unloads the drawers with his staff, but the city is left on the truck.) “The truck has to carry this a long way away.”

“The truck can go in there.” “He can make a ladder.” “Donkey is going in there. He’s having a rest.”

“The baby is free to drop.” “But the donkey’s having a sleep.” (The donkey is put into the manger on the back of the truck.)

“Doesn’t that look like a nice house?”

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