Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 12 – The Trumpet & The Edge of The Table

Scripture: Luke 2:13-14

“Why do they have a trumpet?”

“Ahhhh! You’re all over the place!” “All over the place!” (The angels.)

“Oh, I don’t like trumpets. I don’t like angels because I’m afraid!” (Processing the feelings of the shepherds.)

“We need some vehicles!”

“We’re leaving soon!” (Loading up the transport truck.)

“My box!” “My box!” “MY BOX!!!!” (The donkey and the staff shepherd argue about a drawer. The donkey chases the shepherd off the edge of the table and hops inside the drawer.)

(The shepherd returns and leaps up in the air above the donkey’s drawer.) “My box!”

(The cross is hooked up to the van and towed into the middle of the drawers.) “Get off me!” (The van does donuts until the cross falls off.)

“Rrrrrrrrrrrmm rrrm rrrrrrrmm!” (The tractor climbs and jumps over everything, causing chaos.)

(A new scene is set. The donkey is still in the manger, where he went after the shepherd took back the drawer.)

(Me – “Is baby Jesus going to get to lie in the manger?”) “No, he doesn’t want to lie in the manger. He wants to lie on his mum and in other places.” (He is currently forming part of the left-hand wall.)

“You have to be careful going around here because there’s not much space and there is the waterfall.” (The space between the wall and the edge of the table.) “There’s a pipe going from the other house to here, and the water goes through the pipe and along there, and the waterfall goes down here and the water goes down the waterfall.”

“If anyone goes down the waterfall they just… die. Or get rusty if it’s a vehicle.”

“Bbrrrrrrr bbrrrrrrr…” (The tractor holds the manger in its bale grab and uses it to transport characters over into the drawers.)

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