Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 23 – Noisy Camels & a Dance Party

Scripture: Matthew 2:12

“Where’s my one?” (The wise men are matched up with their colour-coordinating camels.) “Trot trot trot.” (The wise men travel away behind the advent house.) “And we fell off our camels – wahhhh!”

“Red had a broken leg and lost his way.” (The red camel.)

“Maahhhrr, MAAHHHR!” (‘Camel’ noises.) (Donkey’s draw opens and he pokes his head out.) “You’re too loud!” (His drawer closes again.)

“And donkey decided to build a brilliant home.” “It’s pretty brilliant for someone.”

“First present is donkey’s.” (The gift is put in the corner.) “Next present, sheep’s.” (A gold coin goes into the corner.)

(Donkey and sheep kiss each other.)

(Nibbling noises. Donkey and sheep are eating or drinking the frankincense and myrrh again. Or whatever they are this time.)

“Christmas Day!” (Donkey unwraps his present.) “Donkey has done his present. It’s the same thing.” (The ‘toy’ city.) “Sheep’s turn.” “Sheep got something different. It’s a gold coin. But it’s bread. It’s a special coin.”

“And they have toy donkeys to play with.” (Me – “Camels?”) “Camels.”

“Press this with your nose and it makes music.” (Donkey touches the candy canes with his nose.) “La di la la la, la diddle la la la…” (Donkey and the candy canes dance around for some time.)

“Whooo whoo whoo whoooo…” (Donkey plays the trumpet.) “Who whooo whoo whoo whoo whoooooo!…” (Then sheep plays the trumpet.)

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