Advent Adventure Through a Small Boy’s Eyes: Day 22 – A Gift, at Donkey & Sheep’s House

Scripture: Romans 6:23

(Donkey takes the present, candy canes, gold, frankincense and myrrh into his drawer. Then a house is built for him.)

“I’m planning on making it even bigger.” “Now it’s donkey’s own big house.” (And sheep’s, apparently.)

“But they have their first present for Christmas. Donkey’s.” (The present is put in the corner.) “It’s not sheep’s because they haven’t got sheep’s yet.”

“Chamomile tea, chamomile tea. Put some oil on.” “There you go.” “I’ll have the chamomile tea.” (Says sheep.) “Donkey’s chomped holes in the bottle to get it out.”

“And he’s been chomping holes in the butter. And he’s been chomping holes in the candy canes. Because it’s Christmas.” “Donkey is six, so he gets to have six sucks of the candy canes each day.”

“He’s munched holes in everything. He’s munched holes in their bread. He’s munched holes in their candy canes.” “He puts everything upside-down.”

“Sometimes when their mum and dad go to bed they get up in the night, steal some of the ingredients and eat them.” “But now their mum and dad live somewhere else with a baby. Now they look after themselves and eat whatever they want.” “Donkey licked some salt before.”

“And it’s Christmas Day at their house. Donkey gets to open his first present.”

“It’s a toy play house for inside!”

“Now there was sheep’s one. Sheep can’t wait until next year to open his present. It has to wait until next year. Sheep has to open his present in March after 13 days.”

“And the shining star is here.” “They have to get a ramp to go up to baby Jesus.”

“There’s a little gap that the melted butter can get out and he’s drinking it with a straw.” (Donkey.) “I would drink melted butter.”

“They’re twins now because they got the same present. Donkey and sheep.”

“They’re going up into the sky in an aeroplane.”

“They got their second house. It’s super, super long.” “Now they have to unload all their things.” “They have to unload everything into one box.”

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