2019 Homestead Report

The biggest post of the year is here. 2019 was the year of trying to get stuff done through respiratory illness. The list of goals I wrote at the start of the year could be described as insane, which I realised fairly soon after. I wasn’t counting on a rollercoaster of respiratory issues to carry … More 2019 Homestead Report

Homemade Dish Liquid

Hot on the heels of my liquid soap experiment, I  delved into a homemade dish liquid experiment. It was the next homemade cleaner on my mental (that can be taken either way) ‘To do’ list. Mostly because we had run out of dish liquid. The recipe I used is Homemade Dish Soap by Betsy Jabs at DIY Natural. It … More Homemade Dish Liquid

I Made Liquid Soap

Today I am the proud brewer of some liquid soap. Liquid soap is handy. Liquid soap is tidy. And it feels nice. That’s why I wanted to make some. Now, I didn’t make it from scratch, rather I turned a bar of Sunlight soap into liquid soap. I did a wee bit of research on the internet to find … More I Made Liquid Soap