There will be Tomatoes!

Amidst all the hoo-ha of incubating and bringing forth a child, things have been sorely lacking in the vegetable growing department. This was expected. However, I’m pleased to say that I have managed to produce some seedlings to plant in the vege garden! There will be tomatoes, capsicums and chillies. I sowed the seeds for … More There will be Tomatoes!

In which Twiglet gets Motivated Enough to Sow some Seeds

I’m in my 38th week now and I get patches of energy when I must do things. These are followed by stretches of zombie-like lethargy and a bit of regret about my over-enthusiasm. Now I’ve gone and¬†sowed some seeds. I thought I better do it before Little Twiglet arrives and today is beautifully sunny. Seed-sowing … More In which Twiglet gets Motivated Enough to Sow some Seeds

Big Stuff

There’s a lot of big stuff going on around here at the moment. A baby on the way, Operation BAH (Buy a House)¬†underway and big temperatures nurturing big vegetables in the garden. Today is the first day of ‘Autumn’, but it’s 28degC. As for those veges… I can barely look at tomatoes anymore. Their constant … More Big Stuff