Big Stuff

There’s a lot of big stuff going on around here at the moment. A baby on the way, Operation BAH (Buy a House) underway and big temperatures nurturing big vegetables in the garden. Today is the first day of ‘Autumn’, but it’s 28degC.

As for those veges… I can barely look at tomatoes anymore. Their constant invasion in trays on the table and benches is just wigging me out! I have left The Husband to deal with them himself. And I have given a few bags away. I have saved seeds from one of the biggest tomatoes of each variety, except for Amish Paste, as I haven’t picked a good enough tomato yet. All the other veges I can handle, there’s just something about those tomatoes…

Here are some harvested biggies and veges growing in the garden.

DSCF2603 cp
Tomato ‘Black Krim’.
DSCF2606 cp
Tomato ‘Black Krim’.
Capsicum 'Colour Salad Selection'
A capsicum from the ‘Colour Salad Selection’. I’m not entirely sure what they are yet, but they’re not what I was expecting!
DSCF2880 cp
Capsicum ‘California Wonder’, which should be turning red soon.
Capsicum 'Purple Beauty'
Capsicum ‘Purple Beauty’.
Capsicum 'Purple Beauty'
Capsicum ‘Purple Beauty’. The capsicum plants are trying to see how many fruits they can produce at a time.
Carrots 'Bastille' & 'Cosmic Purple'
Some large carrots – ‘Bastille’ and ‘Cosmic Purple’. They’ve been in the ground a weeeee bit long.

Maybe some frame of reference would help…

Carrots - 'Bastille' & 'Cosmic Purple'

Red onion
This red onion suddenly sprang into life and keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Red onions
Red onions
Another cucumber. I’ve been giving cucumbers away too.
DSCF2872 cp
Crown pumpkin harvest! They’re not huge, but very respectable for my first homegrown pumpkins.

Even though half the vege garden looks like a mess (heat + pregnancy = weeding – tidying + sleepy time), it’s nice that there’s still so much coming out of it.

What do you think?

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