The Tomatoes And Capsicums Bust a Move

Hot on the tails of the cucumbers, which are going nuts (cucumber salad again, then?), the tomatoes and capsicums are busting a move. Thank goodness. You can only look longingly at bunches of green tomatoes for so long. We ate our first Amish Paste tonight and have a couple of Big Beefs on stand-by. The Small Fry cherry tomatoes keep spitting out, despite some early-onset blight, which they seem to be rising above now, and despite those two virus-stricken plants that I had to pull out. I have two lonely bamboo tee-pees now. I really ought to find them a new mission. The Black Krims are ripening like crazy under the crazy, hot sun so the first one isn’t far off.

DSCF2314 cp
Tomato harvesting.

Picking my first purple capsicum gave me great joy. It’s so shiny… and purple…. kind of like an eggplant but without the gross associations in my head. I don’t do eggplant. Since dinner has already been and gone tonight, maybe we will bust open the purple capsicum tomorrow. Speaking of dinner, we had some really tasty potato wedges last night, courtesy of the garden. They go down really well with aioli. And homemade pizza. Mmmm.

DSCF2320 cp
‘Purple Beauty’ capsicum.
DSCF2318 cp
The first ‘Purple Beauty’ capsicum and a cucumber.

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