This Christmas

This Christmas at Twiglet Homestead has been a meaningful one. I’m talking about it as if it’s already happened, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day haven’t even arrived yet. Christmas is about celebrating and giving due reverence to the birth of a baby, the most special baby that ever cried and pooped, just like all … More This Christmas

Christmas Lessons

Christmas lessons. I need them. My task-focused nature spirals me into a place of intense nuttiness at Christmastime. Things got so busy that I was hooning around like a freight train in danger of careering off it’s tracks. “Watch out, here comes the nutty express!” I said to The Husband. It’s not because I’m disorganised, … More Christmas Lessons

Christmas is Coming!

I love Christmas. It’s just so exciting! Now that December has arrived I have begun putting up the decorations. All plans of making any more decorations this year went out the window with the baby. With the arrival of the baby I mean. Don’t worry, the The Little Fulla is still here on my knee, … More Christmas is Coming!