One of Our Favourite Events of The Year

Last weekend we went to one of our favourite events of the year, well, one of The Little Fulla’s and my favourite events of the year, the A&P Show. I could look at farm animals all day long and The Little Fulla could sit on tractors all day long, so we were happy. The Husband … More One of Our Favourite Events of The Year

The Spring Crazies

The last few weeks have seen all sorts of things going on for us. I did some work for the elections, which was busy but fun and financially helpful. We went to Auckland one day to visit our youngest nephew, The Little Gingernut. We also walked in Cornwall Park and enjoyed watching and feeding the … More The Spring Crazies

Signs of Spring

Spring is approaching. I love this time of year when the days start getting longer and the weather slightly warmer. It makes me excited. Mind you, it’s quite possibly just a tease before another cold patch. In any case, the signs of spring are appearing. Daffodils and lambs are typically associated with spring, although they’re actually … More Signs of Spring