One of Our Favourite Events of The Year

Last weekend we went to one of our favourite events of the year, well, one of The Little Fulla’s and my favourite events of the year, the A&P Show. I could look at farm animals all day long and The Little Fulla could sit on tractors all day long, so we were happy. The Husband put up with our fascinations. The Little Fulla was quite taken with the white baby goats in the farmyard and started picking them up and carrying them around with no hesitation. We were strongly tempted to buy some chickens or chicks, but I sensibly declined. I can’t say the whole thing has dampened my desire for expansion into other farm animals though… Here are a few photos from the show.

Cute sleepy piglets.
There were plenty of horses. The Little Fulla asked if we could get a horse, which I was very impressed about, but I had to decline this request.
Beef cattle – cows and their calves.

What do you think?

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