What Have I Been Doing?

It has been a wee while since I last blogged. This does not mean that I have been idle. I have been getting used to my new job as a support worker, which, being in the evening/overnight/early morning, still gives me plenty of time in the garden. This is quite to my liking as I have daylight hours to slowly build up my plant-selling empire. Not that it’s ever going to be an empire, but it is growing. I bought a scoop of potting mix from a supplier on Saturday, which should keep me going for a while. Or maybe not that long… We shall see! I am currently exploring the possibility of selling some of my plants at a market. I have bought myself a table and am going to scope out a market on Saturday.

I have also been planting out my new garden bed, which I will put up some photos of. I still have more planting to do but I’m waiting for some of the plants that I’m growing myself to be ready. The lawn is finally green again after some rain and there are leaves everywhere that are begging to be raked up. My attempt at better seasonal planting is starting to pay off with a bit more colour this autumn. I am especially pleased with my Hesperantha coccinea plants that I grew from seed; they have flowered for the first time this autumn.

DSCF7273 cp
Hesperantha coccinea ‘Major’ – Crimson Flag Lily
DSCF7276 cp
Clianthus puniceus ‘Albus’ – White Kakabeak

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