Twiglet’s Plants Transforms Into Twiglet’s World

Twiglet’s Plants has transformed into Twiglet’s World. I have been thinking about expanding my blog for a while, and now I have gone and done it! Fear not, plant fanatics, all things plants and gardening will still be a large part of my blog, however, I have expanded the blog to include a wider view of my life and the things I am interested in. New subjects will include thoughts, doings and photos about crafts, baking and trying to live a more natural life. I am trying to become more self-sufficient, sustainable, natural and any other number of things that make my life more simple, healthy, cheap and environmentally responsible. Join me as I journey through new skills like knitting, DIY around the home, discovering food that I can make instead of buy and the wonder of making things from pallets. I hope you enjoy getting a wider glimpse into my world!

DSCF0210 ed cp
Flat breads.

What do you think?

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