Today I am Pleased With The Vege Garden

That’s right, for the first time, I am pleased with my vege garden. I finished hoeing out the worst of the weeds, which, although short, were like a living carpet. To pass the time in my head, I came up with a song to the tune of The Lego Movie theme song, which went like this: “Everything is weedy! Everything is bad when the ground’s full of weeds. Everything is weedy!” And on, and on it went. What can I say? Repetitive tasks attract repetitive songs.

Once the weeds were carted away I pooped the vege garden. I had to empty the trailer of its horse pooh so it could be used for a firewood mission on the weekend, and since this was my only day off before Sunday I thought I had better get it all done at once. Wheelbarrow load by wheelbarrow load I relocated all of the poop from the trailer to the vege garden and spread it everywhere, except where I had dug in the mustard green manure. This took a while. I decided to leave it on the surface rather than digging it into the soil. That can be the worms’ job. Yes, little worms, I saw you fullas in there; time to get busy mixing!

I was still on a roll, so I found a few more planks lying around to finish my planking of the vege garden, allowing me to reach things without walking all over the soil. Then I stood back and admired my hard work. The poop dressing is a lovely dark brown, which covers the tiny weeds and makes everything look better. It has been a long haul getting the vege garden up to scratch but I finally feet proud of it and hopeful that I can actually grow some good stuff in there. ‘Tis amazing what joy some poop can bring.

DSCF0383 cp
The vege garden – tamed. For now…
DSCF0379 cp
Hey look, there are some things growing in there! Parsley, spring onions, bok choy (some flowering for seed collection), cabbages, mint in the blue barrel and oregano, thyme and chives in front of it.
DSCF0380 cp
The ‘pooped bed’ meets the ‘mustard bed’. Note to self: come up with better names. Who knew rhubarb could grow through winter?
DSCF0381 cp
The ‘mustard bed’, with garlic planted on the right.
DSCF0384 cp
The slightly shady herb strip, which has parsley, bronze fennel, garlic chives, sage and rosemary for now.

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