In Which Twiglet Has a Birthday

Friday brought the passing of another milestone. I am now officially old, a member of the ‘old club’ and entitled to refer to outings to Bunnings as ‘social’. Yes, folks, I turned 30. The event passed with a whizz and a bang; the whizz being me racing around like a maniac trying to do everything and the bang being me almost having a nervous breakdown.

DSCF0404 cp

The end result was pretty good though, being surrounded by family in a rustic-themed home and enjoying lots of good, home-cooked, winter food. I even made my own orange and apple juices (mostly) by hand and some mulled cranberry. The home-made food prepared by us and our esteemed guests included potato wedges, aioli, rosemary bread, garlic bread, soup, chicken pie, roast veges, chicken tagine, cous cous, mussel fritters and cranberry sauce. Then came a dessert of chocolate cake, apple pie, cookies, brownie, truffles, muffins, ice cream and coconut sorbet. Ice cream was one of the few items not homemade. All-in-all it was a marvelous cooking effort by everyone.

Here are a few photos of the night.

p7191419 ed cp
Some of the lovely food and drink, including cake made by The Husband with glucose instead of sucrose.

p7191418 ed cp

DSCF0388 cp
Nala becoming infatuated with some wrapping paper.

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