When The Food Processor Dies…

When you start making more food products yourself, certain pieces of equipment become really important. Like the food processor. And it’s not until they malfunction that you realise how important they are.

The food processor ‘malfunction’ occurred when the spindle bit (whatever you call it) just stopped turning, meaning the blade wouldn’t turn. Suddenly, I couldn’t make peanut butter. Or mayo. That meant I couldn’t make egg salad. Or the new tuna salad recipe I’d just found. Or aioli. This was disturbing. Things started to descend into chaos. What were we going to do? I had to buy peanut butter from the supermarket, and, eventually, I caved and bought mayo too. This felt almost dirty!

I had assumed The Husband would be able to fix the food processor, but after a few attempts, apparently not. This meant we’d have to buy a new one. It had lasted for 8 1/2 years; I suppose that’s not too bad, and at least the blender part of it still works. I just didn’t want to pay for another one. Cue a lot of internet research. It would have to be a good food processor, since I’m a lot more reliant on it now, but also not too expensive. I narrowed my search down to three possibilities, which quickly became one when the front runner came on special at Briscoes for almost half price. Sold! Welcome home, Mr Whizzy.

Today, an indispensable item has been acquired, money has been saved and the chaos has been sent out the door. Now, what food substance shall I christen it with first? Oh, too late, The Husband has already made peanut butter!

DSCF0456 ed cp
Mr Whizzy.

2 thoughts on “When The Food Processor Dies…

  1. Glad you found a new M. Whizzy. When our food processor (which I hardly use) broke I looked on Craigslist and found another perfectly good one for $25 plus the couple selling it make espressos for my husband and me. Now I have all the parts of two Cuisinarts taking up a shelf in the kitchen. I’ll work on it. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music PS You’ve encouraged me to make mayonnaise.


    1. Hey Jo, sounds like you made a good find there! I’m glad you’re taking the plunge into homemade mayonnaise too. The recipe I’ve been using is Whole Egg Mayonnaise from Allrecipes.com. It is nice and easy, you just have to make sure you drizzle the oil in slowly. I will have to do a blog post about mayo. And aioli. The aioli is even better. Happy mayonnaising!


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