A Sick Twiglet

There is scarcely anything worse in winter than a sick Twiglet. Something has hit me like a ton of bricks this week. I’m pretty sure it was a ton of bricks. Sickness is a terrible thing for a task-focused person. I have so many things to do and projects to work on but my body has run off on holiday, taking half my mind with it.

There are a few things The Husband can do, like grocery shopping, which is dangerous. He has a tendency to come home with twice as many things as there were on the list. And somehow he forgets a couple of necessary items that were on the list – tissues and Lemsip. He did, however, get Whittakers dark almond chocolate, which I will enjoy once I get my taste buds back. The Husband can also do the cleaning jobs, albeit a little less thoroughly than I can.

What The Husband cannot do in the absence of my body and half my mind, is the gardening tasks. Perhaps I should show him how to do some of these tasks once I’m better, in case of future immobilisation. For now, I can just think about all the seeds I need to sow, pest controls I need to spray, weeds I need to attack and plants I need to plant. A non-gardener cannot be let loose in the garden to do such important tasks as these on his own. Nope, I will just have to build some more patience.

One thing I’ve been able to do a bit of, in between sleeping, overheating and feeling sorry for myself, is one of my latest knitting projects, which is a cushion cover. I just have to go slowly and think extra hard for the counting bits. Here is a sneak peek at the yarn I’m using for my cushion, although it’s a little darker than it looks in the photo. If it goes well, I may get some more yarn for a second cushion.

DSCF0460 cp

Ah well, time for another rest now. If you see a house with a sign on the front door reading:

Warning: Hazardous substances

Enter at your own risk!

… it is probably my house.

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