A Sick Twiglet Tries to be Useful

A new day, same sickness. And I still sound like a gruff alien. I was feeling mildly better yesterday morning, so I determined to set myself a few tasks for the day. Water hair, wash teeth, brush bathrooms, clean plants. Or something like that… After accomplishing the hair, teeth and bathroom cleaning it was lunch time. So I had a nap.

Well, that bathroom cleaning really took it out of me. Don’t worry, I did have lunch after my nap. Not even sickness can keep me away from my food. One of the great things about being back in my hometown is that The Mother brings me homemade vegetable soup and lemons when I’m sick. She’s so great! After some vegetable soup, homemade bread and a banana, I tried to be useful again by unloading the dishwasher. The Husband promptly told me to go and sit down as I was getting in the way of the tasty thing he was doing with some pork belly. Ok, I can get out of the kitchen in the name of good food. But I did not sit down, I ventured outside and cleaned watered my potted plants. Still waiting for that other half of my brain to come back… I was tempted to peek round the corner at the vege garden, but I daren’t even glance at it for fear that I would start working on it and wear myself out. Sickness is a forced rest that is hard to comply with.

I was supposed to be in Auckland yesterday, going to Disney on Ice with The Big Sister and The Mother. Another reason to be peeved at this sickness. I was rather more sad at the loss of company than the loss of the show and I was starting to tire of the self-imposed quarantine. Fortunately, the arrival of a parcel cheered me up. It was my book, The Knitted Rug by Donna Druchunas, home to the pattern of my first knitted rug, and that of my next rug project.

DSCF0464 cp

I had borrowed the book from a library in Christchurch for the first rug, and copied the pages I needed for the next rug. Or at least I thought I’d copied all the pages I needed. I tried to start knitting the rug a few weeks ago but couldn’t for the life of me figure out what her version of picking up stitches was, which is kind of essential to every piece of the rug. Referring to non-existent pages didn’t work. So I found a perfectly good second-hand copy of the book overseas that cost $13 including shipping. Hence, starting the cushion project while I waited. Since I seem to have an affinity for knitted rugs, I’m sure the book will be well-loved.

Now, I’m torn between finishing the cushion and starting the rug… Must finish current project first.

Ok, I’m off to knit my rug now.

I mean cushion…

And I still sound like a gruff alien.

What do you think?

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