Mutterings About Seeds, Rain And Greenhouses

This afternoon, I decided it was high time I sowed some vege seeds. So, in the midst of a rainy, windy, generally miserable day, I pottered about in my garage with my seeds. It seems I missed the nice patch of weather while I was sick, and now that I’m mostly better, it’s several shades of grey (not 50). I’m still trying to get rid of the sickness. It was a nasty one – talk about hazardous substances! But I’m a lot more functional now. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I’m back on the wagon. But the wagon’s going in some funny directions… I keep muttering to myself about six hours. Six hours – the minimum time without rain that most plant sprays need to be successful. I need to spray my fruit trees and roses with copper fungicide and an oil for the pesties, but the on-again-off-again rain keeps thwarting me. Apparently, tomorrow is going to be fine…

Now, a greenhouse is highly useful for starting off seeds in the cooler months. I don’t have any kind of greenhouse at the moment. The Husband made me a mini tunnel house that sat on a table at our old house, but it got dismantled for the move to Hamilton, and has not been re-mantled (why isn’t that a word? Maybe it is a word…) Not that I have anywhere to put it here yet. I don’t have any plant tables at the moment and there aren’t that many sunny places around the property. This greenhouse issue has been bugging me. I have a couple of ideas, but so far they have not shot out of my head and magically materialised. I think some proper planning and motivation is in order.

In the mean time, I was getting fidgety about not having sowed any seeds for a while, so I decided I would just sow some and figure out how to keep them warm-ish. I sowed some brown onions, red onions, leeks, cauliflower, lettuces and spinach into small seed trays. Then I put them into the laundry sink in a bit of water to let them soak it up from the bottom. They all fitted nicely into a plastic plant tray I have that has a lot of holes around the edges for light. I had some greenhouse plastic offcuts that I was going to staple over the top and sides of the tray, but I couldn’t find the staple gun. I think half of The Husband’s tools have made their way into his work van and the other half have not yet been organised in the garage. This makes me almost twitchy. One of these days, we are going to have one of those nice tool hanging boards where everything has its place all nice and tidy, preferably with the painted tool shadows so you know what goes where! Oh, for some organisation. So, I ended up just wrapping the plastic around the tray and leaving it in a sheltered spot, then ran away from the rain and the cold. It’s a tad stormy out there tonight. It might be survival of the fittest…

DSCF0467 cp
A little plastic nursery.

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