A Brief History of my Knitting

This is a brief history. Not because it is a long history that needs a small summary, but because my knitting history is rather brief. I began knitting in the winter of 2012. I was invited to a small knitting group that four or five of my friends were doing one night a week or a fortnight, headed up by the wise and talented Meg. At first I turned up my nose at the thought of knitting. To me, knitting was about old ladies, kooky designs and pink, fluffy stuff. Sure, it can be, but it doesn’t have to be. I eventually decided to go based on having a social time with my chick friends. After all, I was assured that Anna was mostly there for the social aspect too. (Hi, Anna!)

The first night Meg showed me how to do garter stitch using some of her yarn and needles and got me thinking about what my first project would be. In the following weeks I purchased my first yarn and needles and began knitting a baby blanket for my forthcoming nephew. This was an easy but big project for my first one. I quickly fell in love with my knitting nights, hanging out with my friends, drinking tea and watching things like Pride and Prejudice. And not just that, I fell in love with knitting too. There’s something about having something to do with your hands while you’re sitting down, and watching something get created before your eyes.

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My first knitting project: the baby blanket.

The next projects I did were ruffle scarves. Some time later I discovered Ravelry.com. Searching for patterns on there threw open the door to the knitting world and I was hooked. So many patterns. So many colours. So many projects! The projects that followed were a slouchy hat for myself, a beanie for my nephew, some coasters, Christmas wreath decorations and the oval rug. I am currently doing a cushion cover and am soon to start my next rug. From early on, I showed a stubborn inclination to make up my own things or change a pattern to do what I want. Both sets of coasters I’ve made came from my head. The rug just about drove me insane because I wanted to do it how I wanted to do it. But through everything I’ve done I’ve learned new stitches and new techniques and every mistake helps me to understand knitting better.

After 1 1/2 years of knitting I moved to Hamilton, away from my cozy knitting group. Some of these projects I’ve had to do on my lonesome. Fortunately, Meg is only a Facebook message away and she helped me out a lot with my rug. Last night I skyped my knitting group, which was so nice. Katie and Nay have happily finished projects, Meg is taking a well-earned break from knitting baby items for other people and Anna, well Anna is still plodding through her never-ending scarf. Sorry Anna, we love you, and we’ll make sure you get buried with your scarf, whether it’s finished or not! I’ll be sure to tune in again next knitting night.

What I’ve learnt is that knitting can be done to whatever your own tastes are and you are limited only by your imagination.

And if you like Ravelry, you will end up with a long list of fantastical-looking projects in your queue…



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