The Christmas Tree Hunt

The Husband knows by now that I have a need for real Christmas trees. He once tried to convince me that he was allergic to pine trees, but I knew better. We have never had a plastic tree – it’s real or nothing. I love the smell of pine trees and the look of the branches, and I don’t care if the shape isn’t perfect. See, I’m not that much of a control freak… We did find a pretty swish one this year though.

We were driving back from a fun half-weekend in Tauranga when I started talking about Christmas trees. The Husband decided that we were going to get one right then. Naturally, I didn’t argue. And he has brownie points. We just had to find the place that we used to get them at least six years ago… Even though neither of us could quite remember which country road it was down, we followed some signs and found it, just like it used to be. We tried to ignore the minor problem that we didn’t have enough cash, and set forth on our Christmas tree hunt. There weren’t many bigger trees left, but we wanted to be near the lower end of the colour coordinated price system anyway. We found a couple of ‘maybe’s’ before we spotted The Tree in a shady corner. Good things can often be found in shady corners. But not always. We pounced on The Tree and the lady was kind enough to let us pay by bank deposit later. It must be my innocent face. Now our successfully hunted tree is at home in our living room, all decorated and marvelous. I love Christmas! And don’t worry, there will be more photos… And hopefully more homemade decorations…

Christmas tree
The Tree.
DSCF1752 cp
The Christmas tree, all decorated.

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