Summer is Here! But I Don’t Think The Weather Knows…

‘Twas the first day of summer today. But it did feel rather like winter for much of the day. The rain is keeping the garden well-watered, but I would like the sun to come out and play nicely. Can’t we all be friends?

Here are some photos of the vege garden thus far.

Vege garden 1
The lovely view of my parsley going to seed. I am letting it flower to get new seedlings popping up and to feed predator insects.
Vege garden 2
Lots of green stuff.
Pumpkin corner
Pumpkin corner, which I have just weeded and have left the weeds on the surface to die. If there’s enough sun for that…
Vege garden 3
A little bit of everything: lettuces, onions, leeks, tomatoes, capsicums, potatoes, carrots, garlic and more.
Vege garden 4
Wow that garage curtain sure looks stunning…
Tomatoes, capsicums, carrots
Tomatoes, capsicums, carrots and some not-yet-flowering plants.
Trug of salad greens
A trug of lettuce, spinach, kale and chives harvested from the garden. Salad time!

What do you think?

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