Various Scenes of Christmas

Christmas has come and gone with a bang. I wasn’t quite ready for it. Christmas, I haven’t finished with you yet! I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to, like finishing my Christmas decorations, making Christmas cards, and getting the whole garden tidy, due to the busyness of work, an assignment due on Christmas eve day, which I had avoidance issues with, glue explosions and so forth. At the end of the day, I just had to let go of the things that weren’t that important. Christmas is, after all, not about stuff, but about Jesus, family and friends. And maybe copious amounts of awesome food…

Here are some of the various scenes of Christmas from my world.

Hanging pinecone cluster
Hanging pinecone cluster that I made for the office. There’s probably a proper name for it…
Nala 1
Nala checks out the tree.
Nala 2
Nala’s present is playing with the wrapping paper.
Nala 3
A satisfied cat.
DSCF2038 cp
Christmas Day dinner at The Husband’s Parents’ place.
DSCF2042 cp
Christmas Day Eurasian dinner, complete with turkey, ham, beef, yorkshire puddings, awesome salads, roast veges and Chinese dumplings
DSCF2064 cp
Dessert time, some time after 5pm! Lemon tart, beetroot cake and pavlova, which got swooped on and didn’t make it to the table.
DSCF2061 cp
The Little Sister-in-law’s special flowering tea.
DSCF2091 cp
Boxing Day Christmas dinner (night dinner) with my family.
Christmas Tree
My Christmas tree.

Some bought decorations:


And some of the decorations I made:


Merry Christmas everyone!

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