How Did Sunday Become Collection Day?

Sunday has become collection day, and I’m not talking about the church offering. It began two Sundays ago. We were driving past the special place where we found our wooden pinwheel (cable reel, pallet wheel, whatsit wheel…), when I spied… another one! I had to have it. The Husband dutifully reversed the car and we tried to stuff it in the boot. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t fit. Things always look smaller from further away. Funny that. Not to be undone, The Husband drove back home to get his work van while I waited on the side of the road, sitting on my pinwheel.

DSCF2070 ed cp
A re-enactment of the ‘Pinwheel on the Road Verge’ scene.

It seemed to take forever, probably because I had a few onlookers from the business behind me and a lot of random looks from passing motorists. The Husband and I managed to squish the pinwheel into his van, then an amused onlooker asked us when the BBQ was and if he should bring some wine. I think he runs across a lot of crazy, resourceful people outside his workplace. We took the van back home, got back in the car and were somewhat late to church. But I don’t think God will smite us.

Now we get to last Sunday, when we were driving to church with The Little Sister and The Little Brother-in-law. At the same spot, I spied a deconstructed pinwheel. Not wanting to be late to church again, I waited until we were on our way home. It was still there! This time we managed to stuff the two wooden circles and the curved bits of wood into the boot.

Deconstructed pinwheel
The deconstructed pinwheel.

So, what am I going to do with these things? I’m not entirely sure yet. Oh dear. The complete pinwheel is a very nice one, so would probably make a nice indoor coffee table. Then we could use the last pinwheel we found for an outdoor coffee table. As for the deconstructed pinwheel, I don’t know yet.

One thing I do know is that we’ll have to start leaving for church earlier…

What do you think?

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