A Wee Glimpse of my Place

Another weekend has almost passed and I’ve been on the run trying to get things done again. “Pace yourself,” they say. Yes. I am pacing myself at learning to pace myself. There’s just so much to do! There’s never a dull moment in the country I tell you. Every day I am thankful for the beauty that surrounds me: the green grass, the glorious sunrises and sunsets and the brighter stars in the deep night sky.


We still have a number of bits and pieces to put away or find a place for, but I got a fair bit done this weekend. The amount of outdoor stuff we have boggles my mind. In between having The Parents over for dinner, going to church, cleaning the house and doing a couple of loads of washing, I also bought some planter pots and paint to paint them, replaced the wood shavings in the chicken house like a good chicken mum and tried to feed the chickens some slugs I uncovered. I put the slugs in a bowl and pushed it near the chickens. They ran away. Chickens are so funny. I tried putting the slug bowl in their feed bowl, but they just peered into it then carried on about their business. Ah well, some people don’t recommend feeding them slugs anyway. They did eat a couple of feijoas that I threw in there. But not until after I was gone. What they do look forward to is the grass and weeds I throw in there in the afternoons. They run over to the gate when they hear me and stand there, looking up at me, like, “Where’s the green stuff? Huh? Huh?”

The chickens enjoying their green stuff. The apple tree sits in the middle of their coop.

Anyway, today I remembered to take a few photos of parts of my place as it is at the moment. I’ve barely touched the garden yet, other than beginning to prune the fruit trees, so there is a lot of work ahead of me. But it’s ok, I’m going to pace myself. Right…?

Dining area
The dining area. The tidiest area of the house at the moment…
View from outdoor table
Looking out on the backyard from the outdoor table. The Husband has mowed the lawn, which always makes things look more tidy… The structure at the back is a fort. Every house should come with a fort. The chicken coop is behind that fence and there are two loquat trees at the left of the photo.
Herb/fruit tree garden
On this side of the deck is my potting shed (yuss!) and the triangle garden, which I’m planning to turn into a herb garden, dotted with a few dwarf fruit trees.
Potted fruit trees
All my potted fruit trees have been hauled over here for now until I decide what to do with each one.
Vege garden
Looking into the vege garden area. So much work to do… I’m planning to re-do all the raised beds into two long, narrower beds to maximise the space.
Fruit tree orchard
The fruit tree orchard beyond the vege garden. I need to finish my pruning and deal with all the weeds. If I can arrange a portable fencing solution, the chickens can help out with the weeds.
Looking over the back fence
Looking over the back fence, with the pear tree above
Another view over the back fence
Another view over the back fence.
Nala has so much to explore.
Ah, there’s no place like home.

One thought on “A Wee Glimpse of my Place

  1. What a lovely place you have. So much work yet so many high hopes (chickens and fruit trees). Pace yourself indeed. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


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