A Pallet Sign

I may have started this project rather a while ago. There were these pieces of stained pallet wood in The Husband’s firewood pile, which I rescued, because a) anyone sensible knows you can’t put stained wood in the fire and b) they looked like they would make something interesting. I assembled the bits of wood into a shape fit for a wall hanging, without any cutting or finishing, because, as we all know, I like things rustic, and they just sort of fitted together nicely. I glued them together with strong glue. The nails were rescued from the fire to make some lettering, then glued onto the wood. Just intersperse a few months into that process, in which I got distracted by other things. So many things.

Pallet sign

I have just hung the sign on the wall of our new home, which seems a rather fitting place for it to make its debut. This afternoon it will welcome friends to our housewarming.

Pallet welcome sign

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